Aviator Game Review for Kenyan Users

The famous Aviator game by Spribe has created quite a sensation in the online casino space. Some casinos have placed the game in a special area where every user can get instant access to it. The game is gaining a large number of fans on a daily basis. All the details of gameplay and mechanics are presented in the review, find out now to avail all that we have collected regarding the Aviator game.

Choose the Aviator game for fun and victory.

Aviator Game Review

The playing field is represented by a curved line increasing along the diagonal of the screen, along which goes the takeoff of the airplane and accordingly increasing multiplier and your bet. In the multiplayer game, each new round starts at zero point, the multiplier scale starts to increase. You need to place your bet before the airplane takes off.

Set your attention on an airplane flying up in the simple but immensely intriguing multiplayer game Aviator. The bend in the line that the flying airplane takes off represents the player’s winnings multiplier. It is the user’s goal to claim the cash prize before the plane takes off and the multiplier goes to zero.

Coefficient generation starts before the airplane takes off. In order to check the correctness and transparency of the game, there is a statistics option, and game history, where all odds and amounts of wins or losses are recorded. There is a short time for each game round, from a few seconds to a few minutes, after which new bets are placed and the flight goes on.

The amount of winnings is calculated this way: the odds multiplied by the amount of the bet. This is the case if you manage to withdraw your bet in time before the airplane disappears from the screen. This action takes a fraction of a second, so you need to act quickly and clearly. If this does not happen in time, you lose the round and accordingly the bet is burned and you get nothing. Then you can try your luck again, make a similar deposit and again enter the round and do not miss a successful flight, which can bring winnings.

Any new user will be pleasantly surprised by the interface and ease of playing Aviator.

How to Bet on Aviator?

The actions in the game are quite simple and cyclical. To give you an idea of where to start, we offer you an option for both the website and the Aviator app:

  1. Decide on a bet amount. Think about the amount of money we would not be sorry to lose in case of a loss;
  2. Next, click the Make Bet button;
  3. If you want to place two bets at the same time, do not forget to display an additional bet panel on the working screen. To do this, click on the symbol in the upper right corner of the betting panel.
  4. As soon as the round begins, carefully monitor the behavior of the plane and withdraw your bet on time;
  5. If desired, you can withdraw your winnings immediately after the round;
  6. To continue playing, make a deposit again and follow the same mechanical steps.
Perform several actions in the game Aviator to place bets.

Features of the Game Interface

Below are the key distinguishing characteristics of the Aviator:

  • The game has two main colors, red and black. The plane is red, the background of the playing field is black. In the contrast of colors, an important element like an airplane is clearly visible;
  • If you don’t want to see anything unnecessary on the screen except multipliers, turn off the display of aircraft animation in the settings;
  • Check out all the decreasing odds in the casino game just above the main screen. There is also a specific color assigned to each of them;
  • It’s user interface is mobile-friendly and auto-customizes to work on mobile devices;
  • One can see how much other players wagered and earned, as well as when they cashed out, on the left side panel;
  • You can just pick the bet size you want and whether or not to use the auto-bet feature;
  • You can see your betting history in the game settings;
  • You can browse the best bets to find out how much money players have won on Aviator.

In order to compare and understand for yourself whether there is any difference in the user interface of the mobile version and the browser version, use the list of the best Aviator game apps for mobile devices to see for yourself.

The game Aviator is constantly improving its convenience and visual interface.

Features of the Aviator Game

Coefficient of each round is settled out using a clearly visible “Proof Fair” marker. On-line casino servers do not generate odds for this encryption scheme.

Awesome and challenging, the Aviator online casino game offers numerous bonuses and in-app social features. Gaming is also legal and completely fair in Kenya. The Aviator casino game is a great way to bet online when you’re seeking a new and rewarding way to bet online.

The Aviator game is constantly being improved for its users.


What are the rules of the game Aviator?

Watch the plane’s flight carefully and withdraw your bet in time to get your winnings. Take advantage of a number of additional features that enhance your gaming experience.

How to activate the Aviator autoplay function?

All the main buttons are located on the playing field, including the activation of Autoplay.

Is the Aviator game legal in Kenya?

Yes, the game is 100% legal. Aviator by Spribe is genuine and authorized for use in online casinos at official sites such as 1xbet, Betwinner, Betway and Bet365 in Kenya.

Is it possible to win consistently at Aviator with an auto bet?

Absolutely yes. But to a large extent it depends on the parameters that are set at the beginning of the game round. Always follow the logic of your actions.


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